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Statement from vvoww:

Machrochasm is a Minecraft server that strives to provide a nostalgic Minecraft experience by operating on older versions of the game. Currently on version 1.6.4. I do have experience of hosting a Minecraft server from the old days(tm) and Macrochasm is my take #2. My goal is to provide the best hosting and the best experience possible for all of you. I've learned a lot in the past and want to apply this knowledge to make Macrochasm outstanding! This is my sole purpose as the host:

highest server uptime achievable (even when there's maintenance to be done)no lagensure the "no map reset" promise is heldtransparency

All that said administrating a Minecraft server can be very time consuming at times and costs money of course. The server is currently hosted in Germany for best value/$ - no money is wasted and every donation is put to good use. I realize west coast does have a higher ping now and I will look into it in future. There is no hard donation goal. It is kind of like the following:

<5$ - me unhappy :'(10$ - me.15$ - me happy>20$ - everybody very happy, extra money goes into the piggy bank for upcoming months/upgrades and after that the staff can buy some ice cream for the hot summer days.

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